e-Exchange is a real-time exchange for peer to peer trading of securities, currency and other fungibles 24 hours/day. Traders, investors and brokers trade directly with one another peer to peer by posting orders on an online global book trading market. e-Exchange integrates the exchange, broker & clearing house functions to reduce risk, increase efficiency & lower fees. We have completed online beta testing.

Quotes, prior trades and market depth are free and delivered in real time. All the information displayed in the Danish Krone US$ trading market above is available to individual investors, traders & brokers on the same terms. The Trader-ID column contains investor pseudonyms to remain anonymous or advertising to facilitate peer to peer contact.

Our Real Time Advantage: e-Exchange operates in real time. Everything is real time! Investor accounts, member-broker accounts, account status and margin displays are in real time. When an investor buys a security at 10:00 PM, the transaction is reported in real time; the investor’s account is updated in real time and his security positions are revalued and margined in real time.

Most, if not all, brokers still use batch accounting systems for client records; these batch systems are not real time. Our real time advantage provides e-Exchange with a window to establish a profitable position in the marketplace.

Competition: We are unaware of any direct competitors to our innovative integrated exchange for peer to peer trading. e-Exchange does not compete with existing exchanges nor with brokers. Our objective is to create new business in under serviced such as extended hours & 24x7 peer to peer trading and niche markets such as Equity Crowdfunding.

Live Trading: e-Exchange can begin live foreign currency prior to the trading of securities which can begin once an exchange license is acquired. We have real time online testing.

Our Objective: Our objective is to provide peer to peer trading for the following niche markets:

  • Unlisted securities presently without an electronic marketplace
  • Call & Put options
  • Gold bullion coins and other fungible collectibles
  • Foreign and domestic securities seeking to extend their trading hours
  • Foreign currencies

e-Exchange has a competitive advantage with the following features:

  • Real time accounting and trading; cash settlement (T+0)
  • 24 x 7 direct investor-to-investor trading
  • Trader-ID to facilitate contacts between investors & dealers
  • Real time portfolio margining across multiple related accounts in any combination of US$ or Canadian$ accounts
  • 28 order types including hidden Fill-bids-only and prearranged cross normally available only to professional traders
  • Display of all visible orders in a global book Trading-market
  • Common platform for trading and settlement

Technology: e-Exchange has been designed as a real-time system that is highly reliable, secure and scalable. It is designed in a manner that allows for:

  • Rapid development and deployment of new software features in response to changing information needs and business requirements
  • Effective data security among system users and system security protection against external threats
  • Efficient processing of online transaction data
The e-Exchange system has been developed using Microsoft technology and a three-tier applications architecture.

Market Potential: Small exchanges servicing niche markets can be profitable. The very profitable not-for-profit Alberta Stock Exchange, “ASE”, is an example of a successful small exchange. During the four years 1995 to 1998, the ASE had an average operating profit of $2-million annually on average revenue of $9.9-million. During the same four years, the ASE increased its capital from $12.9-million to $18.6-million. e-Exchange has the potential to duplicate the success of the ASE and more.