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Coin Traders Need an Online Market too!

Investing in bullion coins such as silver dollars and gold sovereigns is an expanding part of the collecting marketplace. Uncirculated Morgan dollars are sold in rolls of 20 coins and circulated Morgan dollars are traded in bags of 100 coins. There are many coin dealers and others in this marketplace. Actual trades are arranged by telephone, in person or at individual websites. At present, there is no online exchange with integrated clearing for trading silver dollars, gold sovereigns and other bullion coin.

eExchange is designed for the trading of bullion coin. The SILVER-EAGLE trading market below shows how both large and small investors can trade in the same online marketplace.

Silver Eagle Trading Market

The SILVER-EAGLE orders in multiples of 100 coins interact only with other orders in multiples of 100 coins. Buy & Sell orders not in multiples of 100 coins are Odd lots. These Odd lot orders interact only with other Odd lot orders and do not interfere with the trading of other larger orders. However, it is possible to enter an Odd lot order for 100 SIVER-EAGLES at $14.70 to buy the two Odd lot sell orders for 30 coins at $14.50 and 70 coins at $14.70 shown above.

It is also possible to trade Put & Call options for bullion coin on eExchange. The SOVEREIGN-Call trading market below shows an array of possible Buy & Sell orders for Call options to buy gold sovereigns at $200 until January 1, 2009.

Sovereign Call Trading Market

In addition to trading, eExchange software can margin sovereigns so that a member-client could be short 300 sovereigns in one account and long 500 SOVEREIGN-Calls in a related account. eExchange can margin offsetting positions in real time 24 hours a day.

Real time trading & continuous cash T+0 settlement

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