Commodities Trading

You Can Trade Commodities on eExchange!

It is possible to trade cash, future, Put & Call option markets for commodities on eExchange. It is also possible for a member to trade cash, future and options from a single account or multiple related accounts. The commodity Yellowcake, the common name of uranium-oxide, is used for the examples below. It is possible to short commodities against long Calls. A member viewing a typical margin account short Yellowcake secured by Yellowknife Calls would see:

Account Status

The Yellowcake-Call secures the short Yellowcake November 2008 futures and Yellowknife cash position.

A member can view more than one commodity market at the same time. A member viewing a Yellowcake, Yellowcake-Call or Yellowcake-November 2007 futures Trading-market would see:

Yellowcake Trading Market

Both small and large investors can trade on the same marketplace.

Yellowcake Call Trading Market

Any member can telephone the numbers in the TRADER-ID column to talk to investors or dealers about arranging a cross or sizing a bid etc. Any member can place a Trader-ID advertisement with an order in any Trading-market.

Yellowcake DD Trading Market

DD means Delayed Delivery which is the essence of any settlement in the future.

Real time trading & continuous cash T+0 settlement

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