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Jay Taylor’s Interview with eExchange: Peer to Peer Stock Trading

Subscribers to this letter know how difficult it is to buy small cap companies recommended in this letter, especially when they are Canadian listed stocks. But don’t be discouraged. Relief may be on its way, if a new electronic stock exchange known as eExchange is soon to be launched in Canada’s New Brunswick Province. The new exchange is the brainchild of experienced securities consultant, Russell Martel, who I am interviewing for this issue.

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Peer to Peer Trading Results & First Sale of Shares at 50-cents Each

Our best test 51,040 transactions/hour: During the last year, Damon Malkiewicz has organized over a dozen group testing sessions for testing volume of trading on the e-Exchange software. Over 40 people participated in the group or individual testing sessions. The individuals were located in the USA, Canada and Australia. About half of the testers were shareholders whom we thank for their assistance and their advice.

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Mr. Martel’s work taking small companies through the maze of securities regulations in Canada led to the development of eExchange. Mr. Martel’s particular expertise relating to the eExchange project includes 18 years as a broker in Toronto and Calgary including two years as controller of St. Lawrence Securities, a member of the Toronto Stock Exchange. Mr. Martel has also served as a member and governor of the Alberta Stock Exchange.

Equity Crowdfunding operates around-the-clock, 24×7, in Britain. In three years the sale of Crowdfunding shares has increased from $3-million to $52-million. The British Equity Crowdfunding format merits consideration in Canada and USA.

UK Equity-based Crowdfunding 2011-2013
2011 – £1.7-million (Cdn$3-million)

There are two major drawbacks to the Ontario Crowdfunding proposal:

  1. resale of Crowdfunding shares are restricted;
  2. there is no marketplace for trading Crowdfunding shares of non-reporting issuers.

Would you buy shares that are almost impossible to sell because they have an indefinite hold period?

Real time trading & continuous cash T+0 settlement

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