Update - Testing Results & First Sale of Shares at 50-cents Each

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Our best test 51,040 transactions/hour: During the last year, Damon Malkiewicz has organized over a dozen group testing sessions for testing volume of trading on the eExchange software. Over 40 people participated in the group or individual testing sessions. The individuals were located in the USA, Canada and Australia. About half of the testers were shareholders whom we thank for their assistance and their advice.

Our best test rate, 51,040 transactions/hour without a glitch, deadlock or delay, was set on February 15, 2006. This rate of 51,040/hour is significant because it is more than triple the hourly trade volume of the Chicago Stock Exchange. We use the Chicago Stock Exchange as a comparison because the Chicago Stock Exchange uses a Windows NT operating system which is similar to the Windows 2003 operating system we use. We calculated the 51,040 transactions/hour by including the following:

New orders entered 630
Bot & sold transactions 1034
Foreign exchange on bot & sold transactions 888
Total for 3 minutes 2,552
Hourly rate 51,040

Excluded were existing open orders in the market and data traffic such as revaluation of member account status, credit check, real time posting of transactions to member accounts, prior trade reports, quotes and tape. For the test, some members used accounts in C$ to make Zloty trades in US$ trading markets to increase the number of foreign exchange conversion transactions. Fourteen people, using 24 computers, participated in the February 15 test.

The testing has helped to identify glitches which we have fixed. Fortunately no major problems were found with the software itself. Another purpose of the testing is feedback from the participants about how the information is displayed and how the system is used. We are planning another round of testing in August. If you would like to participate, contact Damon Malkiewicz at  [email protected]. We are still offering 1,000 shares to new participants that help with the testing.

Sale of 101,000 shares at 50-cents each: eExchange recently sold to two individuals 101,000 common shares at 50-cents each for a total consideration of US$50,500. The successful testing in the last year has demonstrated the value of the eExchange software and helped to make possible the sale of shares at 50-cents each. If you would like a copy of our latest offering circular, contact Russell Martel at 540-464-5333 or [email protected].

Russell Martel

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